$1 Vendor Program

At each event, we offer $1 Vendor Areas for those who have 1-5 animals they wish to rehome or sell.  This is a great way to not only rehome those few extra animals, it introduces you to our events.  Many of our full space vendors started out as $1 Vendors. 


This program started at our Fall event several years ago as a way to help out a few people who had extra roosters they couldn't keep.  Since then, it has grown into a permanent part of OPS Inc. events and the success rate is high.  


For a fee of $1 per animal, you can share a space with others at the event and find them homes.  You can sell them or give them away for free - the choice is yours. We will provide the spaces, tarps, tables, chairs and hand sanitizer.  

All animals brought to our events must be healthy and parasite free (they will be health checked) and in proper cages (see the Vendor Information page and documents provided there for details).  Food and water must be provided for them at all times.  Young animals requiring a heat source may not participate in the $1 Vendor Program.


You can register the day of the event or use the Online Vendor Registration forms for each event, located on the Events page.  All $1 Vendors must arrive between 9am and 11am the day of the event if they wish to participate in this program.  Please review the Arrival Information for details.  

In order to advertise your animals on the Facebook group, you must pre-register and pre-pay.  However, please keep in mind, no refunds are given if your animals do not pass the health inspections.

$1 Vendor Arrival Information - Day of Event

1) Please bring your animals to the $1 Vendor area (look for the banners).  Please keep your animals away from any other animals that may be in the space.  

2) The Health Checker will inspect your animals and their cages.  You will be asked to remove the animals and hold them while they are inspected. They will inspected for overall health and parasites.   

3) Your cages must meet the requirements - large enough for the animal to stand up, turn around, move freely in the cage.  It must be cleaned and disinfected.  No hay or straw for bedding (shavings are ok).  Your animals must have food and water. No cages are available for rent so please come prepared. 


4) If you have pre-registered online, we will have your form.  If you haven't registered, you may do so and pay your fee. You will receive your badge and space assignment at this time.   

5) If you do not pass the health inspection, we are sorry and we hope you will correct the issues for the health and well being of your animals. No refunds will be given if you have already paid and do not pass. 

6)When you are ready to leave, clean your space and turn in your badges to the front desk. You are allowed to leave whenever you want but you must remove your cages carefully. Always think safety while at the event.