Biosecurity protocols must be practiced and observed at all times by everyone attending our events.  All those in attendance must change their clothes and shoes prior to coming to the event and upon returning home.  All those in attendance must use the Sanitation Stations upon entering and exiting the venues.  All items brought to the event must be disinfected prior to and after the event.  Hand sanitizer should be used at each table.  Animals should not be touched or handled without permission from the seller. All animals purchased at the events should be quarantined for a minimum of 30 days. 

Any and all animal death, illnesses or other issues encountered at our events must be reported to OPS Inc. Please be prepared to answer questions about your quarantine procedures and set up, biosecurity protocols, animal information including symptoms and all vendor information.  A necropsy report will be required for all deaths in order to determine how to handle the situation.

OPS Inc. does not allow animals to be hand carried at the event due to safety and biosecurity.  All animals purchased at the event must be kept in a carrier/crate/box while on the venue property.  Pigs and goats would be the exception but they must be removed from the property immediately after purchase (i.e. you may not walk or carry them around while shopping). Young animals must be kept warm with the use of handwarmers or other heating devices.   No hay or straw (or shredded paper) may be brought into the venues in crates, boxes or cages for transporting animals. Proper and humane transportation must be provided for animals (no sacks).


Crowd Release for photography, video, voice recordings etc. - taken by any source - applies to all attendees at our events. 

OPS Inc. is not liable for items or animals sold at our events or any misrepresentation on behalf of the seller.  OPS Inc. is an agent between the seller and their customers only, providing a space for the transactions to occur.  Transactions happening outside the venue property are not deemed part of OPS Inc.’s events.

Only Paid Vendors (including $1 Vendors) are allowed to sell at the events and on the Facebook group.  Our event and venue is not to be used as a distribution point for products or animals from individuals or companies not associated with OPS Inc. or their events. These companies and individuals may not use our corporate name or event name as part of their "selling or distribution" marketing for their products. 

Shoplifters will be prosecuted under the law. 


Soliciting at our events, by anyone for anything, is not allowed.   


We reserve the right to refuse a vendor space, service or admittance to our events to anyone for not complying with rules or policies for events and vendors.  


We reserve the right to remove vendors and or attendees from our events or social media sites for failing to follow these policies, for bullying, harassing or discriminating against persons or for disrupting OPS Inc. events or social media through their actions.  

OPS Inc. does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, selection of board members, volunteers and vendors, and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, clients, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors, and the public.

These are the policies set forth by the Board of Directors for all Events hosted by Oregon Poultry Swap Inc. 

Oregon Poultry Swap Inc. reserves the right to amend these policies.   

No pet, comfort or emotional support animals are allowed within any of our venues.  Service animals are welcome under ADA laws.


Smoking or tobacco products are not allowed to be used or sold within the event venue.  You must leave the Benton County Event Center property (outside the fences) to use any of these products per Benton County laws. This includes vaping.  Please observe all posted signs. 

All cannabis (THC) products are strictly prohibited to be used or sold while at the events. CBD (hemp) products are allowed to be sold by vendors. They must follow all Oregon packaging laws for sale of these items.  

Alcohol may not be consumed, sold, traded or raffled off at the event.

Explosives, firearms, weapons or anything else not in keeping with the safe family atmosphere of our events are strictly forbidden to be sold at our events.

Marked fire lanes are to be kept clear of vehicles at all times.  Parking is allowed in designated areas only. We reserve the right to have your vehicle towed. Please observe all posted signs and directions for parking.

All balloons are strictly prohibited at our events. They may not be brought into our venues, sold, given away or used as decorations. They pose serious environmental issues and are deadly to animals.   

Keep our venues clean and protect our environment.  Trash should be deposited in the receptacles provided.  Any items that are recyclable should be placed in the proper recycling receptacles.  

All animals and items brought to the events must be legal for sale in the State of Oregon – this includes plants.  It is the vendor's responsibility to research and follow the laws set forth by the State of Oregon, Benton County and the City of Corvallis. OPS Inc. assumes no responsibility for failure to do so on their part. 

Pamphlets not pertaining to our event, our mission or your products and or animals may not be distributed or posted within the venue, vendor spaces, or outside our venues during the event. This includes religious and political items.  

OPS Inc. Policies